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Achiever Hot Plates

Features & Benefits:
  • Cast iron 30,000 BTU/hr* 2-piece lift-off burners offer superior heat distribution for heavy sauté applications
  • 1 protected standing pilot for every 2 burners reduces gas consumption and protects against spill-over
  • Heavy duty cast iron top grates, 1 per burner, support heavy pans and stockpots
  • Fully welded steel chassis
  • Step-up configurations are available in all sizes
  • Cool bull nose design keeps the front rail cool to the touch at all times
  • All units shipped with 4" heavy duty adjustable legs

    *27,500 BTU/hr for LP gas.
Model Number Description/Details
AHP212 Standard Hot Plates
Step-Up Model (AHP212U)
Total BTUs: 60,000
AHP424 Standard Hot Plates
Step-Up Model (AHP424U)
Total BTUs: 120,000
AHP636 Standard Hot Plates
Step-Up Model (AHP636U)
Total BTUs: 180,000
AHP848 Standard Hot Plates
Step-Up Model (AHP848U)
Total BTUs: 240,000

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